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thank you! [19 Sep 2005|06:18am]
[mood: Image hosted by | happy]
[music: The Day You Said Goodnight - Hale]

It was my birthday last Sept 17. I am now officially 21. Waaahhh. Consolation ko is that hindi halata :p Must be the lack of any maturity whatsoever. Tama nga ang sinasabi nila: Growing old is mandatory. Growing up is not.

Thank you so much sa lahat ng pumunta sa aking birthday dinner! ^-^ I hesitate to call it a "birthday party" because we really didn't "party" all that much - just ate, talked a lot, then sang some (awful :p) karaoke. Ang nakakapikon nga lang is that my orgmates (somehow, I hesitate to call them "friends" except for a select few) arrived at 12:30 am and 2:30 am (waw in 2 waves pa). Gusto ko na talagang pagpahingahin yung helpers namin sa bahay pero hindi pwede kasi may mga kumain pa. Grrr. At nagpagawa pa ng bagong pitcher of iced tea ang mga abusado. I think they even forgot why they were there in the first place. I don't think they even realized that they were an imposition. Shet. Got to sleep at around 3am. May oral reporting ako in a few hours and I have no voice.

Kay and Vane: (you're not going to see this but what the heck?) THANK YOU!!! *bearhug* We need to see each other more often. November 16 ha? First showing. No excuses.

aimee237_8: tampo ako sayo. Waahhh. Ikaw na nga yung tiga-Paranaque at hindi ka pa pumunta *pouts* kahit dinner man lang... Miss na kita e.

luckychan: THANK YOU!!! *squishyglomp* Ang cute ng Post-Its ^-^ And thank you din sa to-follow na book ^-^

chocolate_daze: Thank you for coming! Sayang nga lang at hindi nyo nadala ang "birthday gift" ko :p Cute sana kung may ribbon. Wehehehe ^-^

cessie_a and Crisel: thank you sa file box! Ginagamit ko na. Unfortunately, parang hindi pa rin nabawasan ang kalat ng room ko :p At Ces, papakantahin ka na namin sa susunod na End of Term Feast :)

Beej: nagpaparinig ka ba na lagi akong late? Hmph. Pero thanks talaga sa pagpunta.

Edwin: Regalo ko? Hehe :p Oo matanda na ako pero MAS MATANDA KA PA RIN SA AKIN! :)

lilygrace: Salamat ng marami sa pagpunta! At salamat din sa iyong renditions ng Carpenters ^-^

tazana: thank you so much sa gift! Aoshi-sama! *dies of happiness*

Ruth: Thank you for coming! It really meant a lot to me. At salamat sa rendition of "Part-time Lover". We got to tape it and now have blackmail-quality stuff on you :p Kidding! *hugs*

Oneal and Rej: Thanks for coming! And thanks so much for the brownies.

and last but not least:

thomspeaks: Thank you for coming! And for tuning the guitar. And for putting up with Beej :p And thank you for the cake. Yes we ate it pero sobra-sobra pa rin. It's now divided into 4 plastic containers. Please thank Reitch for me.

Ito po ang hitsura nung cake bago sya paghatihatian: too pretty to eat but we did it anywayCollapse )

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wala lang [16 Sep 2005|01:53am]
[mood: Image hosted by| sleepy ]
[music: Hanging By A Moment - Lifehouse]

Just finished downloading the hi-res GoF trailer. OMG I LOVE IT! ^-^ The movie's going to be awesome: the Quidditch World Cup (but no Oliver! *bawls*), the Triwizard Tournament, the Yule Ball, everything! Gotta love the tackleglomphug. Added bonus: it's actually canon :p not like the cringeworthy "handhold" in the last movie


chocolate_daze asked me if I was serious about the multicolored whiteboard markers as a birthday present. Of course! ^-^ I color-code my whiteboard so having other colors besides red, blue, and black will really help. Are those the only things I want for my birthday? Err... no. But I refuse to ask for anything else because nakakahiya ^-^ The fact that you people are actually bothering to go to my house for dinner on Saturday is enough.

Things I Wish I Were Getting For My Birthday But Surely Won't (hence, these are filed under "Wishful Thinking" :p):

1. An iPod. Preferrably the limited edition Harry Potter one. Squee! Or any version whatsoever. Like I'm going to say no to a Mini or a Nano :p

2. A handheld GPS receiver (see here). Why? Because I'm going to be traipsing all over St. Paul's Subterranean River National Park (I hope *crosses fingers as her thesis proposal's 2nd draft is due later*) this coming sembreak and I suck at practical map reading *hides* I'm the reason Socci and I almost finished last in our ROTC land navigation exercise and that was just around UP.

3. A new phone. Sounds simple enough right? Wrong. My mom has adamantly refused to buy me a new phone because I'm so malas with them - I've had 3 phones stolen. Haaaaayyy.

4. An LJ paid account :p Still haven't decided on whether to keep this username or register for a new one. On one hand, I don't like this username. Haha. On the other, I have more than two year's worth of memories in this this thing.

5. 7 letters: SW OT DVD. Bow.


The ABM apps party was... okay. It was lousy because kulang yung food, the rain never let up, some co-apps never showed, etc. BUT it was fun because we managed to salvage it despite all of that. Too bad I didn't get the chance to throw luckychan or Jayson into the pool :p Jayson and Uly did try to throw me into the pool pero ha!

Wore the Misao costume again because Sec's theme was "anime". Some of my co-apps and some of the mems actually recognized it. Wheee! Didn't think that there were anime fans in ABM aside from luckychan and chocolate_daze. ** requested that I braid my hair to match the costume. Walang sense, but that made me squee inside ^-^ Buti na lang I haven't had a haircut in a looooong time (originally grew it long for the Padme costume) so the braid was a decent length.

There was this Flash presentation introducing Chamber 30 (teka. 30 ba ako or 29?). Didn't get my picture taken with the rest of my co-apps for the precise reason that I did not want my face in the presentation but guess what? They raided my Friendster account. They're resourceful, aren't they? They put up a *cringe* picture of me when I was still in 1st year and my pic with Yoda at NW3. Haaaayyy. Kung kukuha na lang din sila ng pic ko na ipoproject sa dingding, sana yung Padme na lang.


Observation namin ni luckychan: lahat ng cute and available guys ng IB ay third year. Wala lang. Sigh.

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memes [13 Sep 2005|02:11pm]
[ mood | lethargic ]

lotsa memes - yes, I am addicted to BlogthingsCollapse )

What does "meme" mean anyway? San sya nanggaling?

Nasigawan na naman ni Ungson kanina because my flask of culture media+agar boiled over and scorched the hot plate. Sigh.

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tapos na!!! [11 Sep 2005|01:05am]
[ mood | exhausted ]

Spent the whole morning with ABM during the free clinic. Volunteered for pharma duty. Grabeh ang gulo. Rapidly dwindling stocks of medicines, people harrassing you left and right because you haven't dispensed their prescriptions yet, and even more people insisting that you give them more medicines - some jerks actually wanted us to dispense prescriptions that were issued by the East Ave Medical Center. Bwiset. For next year (or next sem?), will sort the medicines alphabetically na lang instead of by properties. We have no idea what they do anyway. And next year/sem, will help in bugging drug companies to donate more useful medicines. Come on! What are the chances that ABM will encounter a person during the free clinic who would need anti-flatulence medication anyway? Sheesh. Need more multivitamins and more pediatric medicines.

TAPOS NA ANG PROD!!! Grabeh. Last shows kaninang 3pm and 7pm. And whee! Daming PHP na pumunta ^-^ Alt, Belay, and Edwin came to the 3pm show, and Jay-R, Crisel, Beejay Bautista, Mrs. Beejay Bautista, and Rain came to the 7pm. They totally made my day ^-^ PHP is an addiction: you know it's bad for you (went out to get dinner with COMS + Rain even though my eyelids were drooping) but you do it anyway because it makes you happy. THANK YOU FOR COMING! I'm happy that you enjoyed the show (or at least one of the plays :p) Special mention si Jay-R because he came all the way from Cainta just to watch - hope you made it home okay :)

Side comment: grabeh yung COMS! Di na mapaghihiwalay! :p

General observations:
1. People really liked Mark's play. I do too. It's a great political satire. Nakakainis lang because the actors keep on stuttering and dropping their characters. Plus their blockings were so static - Guerrero na po tayo mga ate.

2. People don't like/hate/slept through Icy's play. Haha. Or is it Kuya Nick's play? Ah basta. The script was okay though a little long-winded. But the direction sucked. Period. No movement whatsoever. Only saving grace was that ang galing-galing ni Vanuk. Grabeh. She actually managed to make my roommate cry.

Now computing our total production expenses. Based on our guaranteed funds (OICA, etc) and partial ticket sales (Marikina Sci, Ibalon, etc), we're already at the break-even point. WHOOHOO!!! Will submit the final balance sheet to Madame once the production departments submit their accounting records.

Madame actually congratulated me for "accepting the challenge" and for a great production. Waw. Should have saved that text message for posterity. Don't know if that will ever happen again. Bwahehe.

A forwarded message from Babit:

"Trials are like fire: it can destroy or strengthen you depending on your character and outlook in life. The fire that melts butter is the same fire that strengthens steel."

Going to sleep now. Have to get up in 2 hrs 45 mins for a whole day field trip to UP Los Banos. Leaving UP at 6 freaking am. Shet.

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a meme before class [09 Sep 2005|01:24pm]
[ mood | tired ]

You are an Atheist

When it comes to religion, you're a non-believer (simple as that).
You prefer to think about what's known and proven.
You don't need religion to solve life's problems.
Instead, you tend to work things out with logic and philosophy.

Finally, finally, FINALLY did a cross section (root hair of waterlily) in Bio 130 that none of my classmates have been able to do and what happens? Ma'am gets sick, cancels the rest of the class, and my slide falls, hereby destroying said ultra-thin cross section that I cut my finger for. Shet.

But in fairness, I managed to do this ultra-thin section of the water lily root that Ma'am Ungson called "very good". She even called Ma'am Sumugat over to have a look but I already cleaned up the slide since she said that it came from a mature section of the root. Then Dylan also got a "very good" from her. Sabi nga nila Rose, hindi nakayanan ni Ma'am na "very good" kaming dalawa ni Dylan today. Bwahahaha!

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haay. wala lang [08 Sep 2005|11:43pm]
[ mood | exhausted ]

Ordered both ABM shirts today. Syet. Wala na talagang kawala 'to. May org shirt na na kailangang panindigan. Or maybe it was because of the person taking the orders? *sheepish* Will be helping out with the free clinic Saturday morning, then transfer to Rep for the rest of the day. Wheee! Ang daming PHP people na manonood ng play namin! ^-^

Some changes in my sked:

Sat - ABM free clinic, Rep shows
Sun - 115 field trip
Mon - 122 lec LE (no 115 lab, no 122 lab)
Tues - 121 SP final report, 121 labrep (effect of hormones on seed germination)
Wed - 115 lab LE, ABM apps party
Thurs - 122 labrep (cardiac muscle)

And I haven't finished my thesis proposal yet (am writing it now).

Balak ko dapat hindi muna magpakita sa Rep for the rest of the semester but NO. Invitations we've accepted for the rest of September:

excerpt of a Ricky Lee work
excerpt of a Rene Villanueva work
alumni homecoming
tula-dula workshop in Cavite (which is the reason why Lalai is feeding us tomorrow)

And then there's the performance in Bataan in November, plus invites from Marikina schools during the sembreak. Then there's the invite from Riverbanks Mall to perform in the mall in December (we get paid!!!). Plus we have to iron out the details with the UP Underground Music Community regarding the rock opera we're doing next semester. Then marketing for said prod. Gawd. The work never stops.

Why is it that Madame is never satisfied? Rep doesn't make money, nagrereklamo. Mismanagement of funds daw. Rep makes tons of money, nagrereklamo. We're now sell-outs. Bwiset. Apparently, she hates all capitalists and capitalists-in-the-making, which would include Rep's Finance committe. Haler! Subukan nya kayang mag-prod nang walang pera. Or at the very least, subukan nyang maging FinCom VC!!!

As of now, despite everything that's happened, our House department has managed to sell 1050 out of 1400 tickets. Grabeh. Mark congratulated me earlier on a job well done but told him it was all Hush's doing. Grabeh. Hush and I are so going to enjoy Madame having to eat her words. Shet. Congrats sa aking beloved FinCom!!!

Will be doing my thesis this sembreak. I hope. So no Mos Eisley or other NWA events for me from October 17 - November 9. Sigh.

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wala lang [05 Sep 2005|02:04am]
[ mood | sleepy ]

Your Blog Should Be Orange

Your writing has a star quality - it's charming, bold, and flamboyant.
You write what's on your mind, without fear of embarrassment later.
You are one of the most honest bloggers around, and people appreciate your daring persona.

I don't like orange. Wala lang.

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